Nepal – The race to rebuild.

a-man-sits-on-rubble-after-the-nepal-earthquake-dataIt’s just over a month since Nepal’s deadliest earthquake in more than 80 years and also there have been numerous aftershocks. The death toll in Nepal has now passed 8,000, it has left hundreds of thousands devastated and homeless and now things could be about to get much worse as the monsoon season is fast approaching.

Bluesky PIE only work with ‘on the ground’ charities who are passionate about making a difference. If you would like to help Nepal but you want to make sure all the money you donate gets to the people who need the help then please help us support the Mountain Trust.

We are trying to help the Mountain Trust in two different ways.

Firstly we are looking to recruit qualified builders (more details below) who are prepared to go to Nepal and spearhead the rebuild activities in some of these mountain villages.

The second way is to raise much-needed funds for tents, water, food, blankets, clothes and medicines. There have been wide spread reports in the news of aid getting stuck in customs due to red tape issues etc.

The Mountain Trust get their supplies over the border in India and have their own transportation to send it directly to the area that need the most help.

Just a couple of days after the initial earthquake the Mountain Trust had already been to India in their battered Land Rover to get essential life saving supplies and were immediately helping 100 families in the most affected areas to survive.

Also, they can make a pound go much further by buying supplies directly in India as the staple prices are much lower than they would if you bought them in the UK and sent them over.

How can you help?

epaselect epa04729942 A picture made available 02 May shows a woman carrying her baby through what is left of Barpak village, epicenter of the devastating earthquake that hit the country on 25 April 2015, Nepal, 01 May 2015. The confirmed official death toll increased to 6,621, with more than 14,000 injured, an Interior Ministry spokesman said. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake was the deadliest in the country for more than 80 years, destroying an estimated 300,000 houses across northern Nepal.  EPA/DIEGO AZUBEL

Are you a promoter? Can you put on a gig for the Mountain Trust?

If you are a friend of ours who puts on music, dance, comedy or any other kind of gigs, would you be prepared to put on a fund raising gig with all the funds going to the Mountain Trust?

This is a way you can make a real difference to the devastated lives of those people living in the worst affected areas. If you are so super cool to do this, please let us know the details and we can share it with the music community.

We already have a comedy night being put on by the rather wonderful Sean Brightman from we Love Comedy called ‘The next biggest comedy night in Folkestone ever!’on June 21st and you can find the details here.

Bluesky PIE are also putting on a gig in July check it out here

How can you raise funds?

You can simply donate here and every pound counts and all your money will go directly to the charity to help the people on the ground.

Can you do something to be sponsored? A run, walk, fancy dress, cake sale etc? Could you host a supper party or a cupcake bake in your office? Anything that you could do to help raise funds would make a real difference.

Please let us know what you are doing and we can share it. You can build your own Just giving page

Builders wanted

Although the Mountain Trust is buying basic materials to rebuild the basic structures required to shelter families from the elements, there is a severe lack of building skills needed to kick start it.

We are looking to fly over qualified builders to Nepal to work in these areas to coordinate the efforts of a village to start the rebuild of their communities.

The builders will be flown to Nepal and met by the Mountain Trust to be taken to a village to help. Living accommodation for the builders will be basic tents and food will be provided.

Are you a builder who is prepared to volunteer one or two weeks for your time? Do you know a builder who may be prepared to volunteer? Could you share this post on your social media pages to help us spread the word?

Please get in touch directly if you would like to volunteer by emailing

Sponsor a builder

It is going to cost around £450 for a return flight for a builder to go to Nepal. Could you or your company sponsor a builder to fly to Nepal?

You can sponsor a single journey £225 or the full return for £450?.

These areas need all the help they can get to start the rebuild programme for their community and have qualified builders organising the efforts will be the vital help they need to save lives.

Why support the Mountain Trust?

These are good guys.

They are currently on the ground buying and distributing aid: tents, water, food, blankets, clothes & medicines in the Gorkha region – near the epicentre.

Their team in Nepal is right now in the middle of helping where it is most needed and they are doing an outstanding job and working tirelessly to help those who have been left with nothing.

They have funded temporary shelter, essentials and food for a over a month and have already begun to distribute basic building materials (cement, steel reinforcement, corrugated iron sheeting etc. to enable families to rebuild their lives before monsoon season.

They have been working in Nepal for decades already helping to educate some of the poorest regions. Check out their super cool project Radio Guru. 

They now need our urgent help to offer assistance to the hundreds of thousands of affected people for food and essentials and to try and rebuild as many houses as we can before the incoming monsoon season.

Bluesky PIE came across the Mountain Trust because one of our lovely friends from Folkestone went to live in Nepal and she asked for our help after the earthquake, She told us she had worked a lot with the Mountain Trust and that were really good people who did a lot of good and we agree. We have already committed to working with them a long time into the future.

Thanks for reading, we hope you can help. Every pound counts.

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