Random facts from a fucked up world 3

tumblr_mesfowxolR1rpr19io1_500Every minute 18 people die of starvation in the world.

5 year old children in California make more eye contact with Dora the Explorer than their own mothers

There are 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers, owned by only 3 corporations.

During the Great Famine, 1 million Irish people starved to death while English merchants burned food to keep prices from falling

In the 1970s, Nestle sent sales women dressed as nurses and doctors into African villages to convince mothers to forego breastfeeding.

In the 1980’s The CIA supported the Taliban in their heroin smuggling efforts.

There has not been a war on American soil since the Civil War 1861, yet the U.S. spends $1 trillion every year on military expenditures.

The U.S. provides Israel with at least $8.2 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians.

Nike’s Indonesia workers make $2.46 even though the average worker produces $3800 worth of shoes per day.

The U.S. provided Saddam with his chemical and biological weapons, in 2003, Standing-inlinethey attacked him because he had them.

When the stock market crashed in 2008, Goldman Sachs made $20.8 billion in profits coming directly out of people’s retirement funds.

The September 11th attacks, killed 8 American children, the retaliatory military campaigns have killed 2 million Iraqi and Afghani children.

Google reads your email and bombards you with ads based on your private communications.

The top 10 weapon manufacturers in the world have made a profit of $2.8 trillion from the ‘war’ on terror.

In Nigeria, Chevron has hired private military personnel to open fire on peaceful protestors who oppose oil extraction in the Niger Delta.

Monsanto has a revenue of over $10.5 billion per year, yet it is currently suing farmers in poor countries who make less than $500 per year.

It is estimated that Philip Morris cigarettes have single handedly killed more than 25 million human beings in the last two decades.

Gandhi never received a Nobel Peace Prize, Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize while his soldiers were ‘accidently’ killing Iraqi children.

Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Western world, killing approximately 22,000 people each year.

In August 2010, a mother in Indonesia burned herself and her two little children because of a Rp 20.000 debt, (about £2.50)

The Bin Laden family has owned stocks in the defense company Lockheed Martin; stocks which have tripled since the dawn of the war on terror.

Peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed by a Caterpiller D-9 bulldozer while attempting to block the destruction a family’s home in Gaza

Israel has broke 65 U.N resolutions with no consequences , Iraq broke two and got invaded, bombed and destroyed.

The British monarchy is historically responsible for more than 45 million global deaths, yet it continues to be celebrated by the media.

15 million children are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS while Pfizer continues to refuse allowing anyone to make cheaper generic AIDS drugs.

Militaries around the world insist on using the term ‘collateral damage’ to cover up the ugly reality of ‘dead children and babies’.

Before his political debut, George W Bush invested money for the affluent Bin Laden family and lost it all.

The IMF and World Bank are pushing water privatization by requiring that countries open up their water supply to private investment.

clip_image003_thumb1Every year 3.5 million men from developed nations go on so called Sex tours of Asia, where they sexually abuse underage girls and boys.

Thousands of buildings were destroyed by the U.S. invasion, yet one of the first buildings rebuilt in Iraq was a Pizza Hut.

There are more Egyptian artifacts in the British Museum than all of Egypt put together.

Rupert Murdoch owns 175 newspapers, in 2003, all 175 ‘independent’ editors wrote articles supporting the invasion of Iraq.

To this day, no one in the U.S. government has apologized to Iraqis for wrongly accusing them of possessing WMDs.

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