Manning – Hero or traitor?

994163_640996602595251_286149286_nSo Bradley Manning gets sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking US military ‘secrets’. Is he a hero or is he a traitor?

Let’s be clear about the ‘secrets’ Manning revealed. They were documented evidence of US wrongdoing in it’s ‘righteous’ war against Muslim countries who have a lot of oil the US would really like to have, thank you very much.

He didn’t leak secrets informing radicals how to launch a successful attack against the US. He didn’t leak plans of US military bases to Al-Qaeda. He didn’t let extremist hit men know that if they wanted to assassinate Obama, that he keeps a spare set of keys to his house under the blue flower pot on his porch.

His ‘whistle blowing’ was focused on exposing the disparity between what the government spoon feeds us daily about the heroic exploits of our righteous military in their ‘war on terror’ and the reality of the crimes perpetuated by that military against a mostly civilian and a mostly innocent population.

His motive was to see the truth for ourselves. There are no heroes in the video clip released by Manning showing US soldiers killing a father and his two young children as he took them to school. These servicemen were in no way heroic as they laughed and joked about the murder they had just committed against an innocent family. Powerful stuff.

To say these leaks embarrassed the US is an understatement. It had the potential to unravel the web of lies we have been told about the need to be at war in the first place and the role-played in these in countries by our ‘heroes’ in the armed forces.

The compliance and apathy of the populous is absolutely essential for our governments to be able wage war with impunity, wherever they see fit and for whatever nefarious motives they manufacture.

They don’t want us demonstrating in the streets demanding the removal of our armed forces from these occupied countries because of what we have seen. They don’t want us forcing them out of their powerful positions. They don’t want us derailing their empirical machinations for world domination.

They do, however, demand our inertia and passivity in world events. Manning’s whistle blowing had to potential to wake up the whole nation to what was really going on, which meant the state had to react and react quickly.

A character assassination on Manning by the state was quickly rolled out. The corpulent jowls of generals wobbled with anger as they denounced his actions on daytime TV. His ‘troubled’ past and his homosexuality were used as a weapon to discredit his motives. Redneck America called for the death sentence. Obama himself condemned his as guilty, even before his trial had started, by stating that he had ‘broken the law’.

But what was Manning’s crime in reality? He saw the true cost of whatmanningmm invading these countries actually was. He saw how many regular civilians, just like you and me, were murdered for no credible reason at all.

He saw the lies told to us to keep us inert. He saw the immoral and illegal activities carried out in our name and he wanted to show us the truth. He wanted to change the world,  and for it he has been crucified.

He chose not to follow his orders to keep secret the things he saw; he chose to tell the truth. America has punished him severely for that and may never forgive him.

It is interesting that Nazis responsible for the murder of millions of innocent Jewish people, were decried and mocked at the Nuremberg trials, by US prosecutors, when they claimed that they were ‘just obeying orders’.

The US prosecutors told these Nazis, that they should have ‘ignored their orders to meet a higher moral and ethical imperative’.

That’s what Manning did, he told the truth about the crimes being committed by the US government, correctly reasoning that his moral duty was to let the world know and not keep these crimes secret. For that, he is now the criminal and he has been persecuted for it.

Make no mistake, Bradley Manning is a true hero and I only hope that many others will have the courage to be heroic like he was.

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