Bankers v Rioters – Which are best? There’s only one way to find out….

The rioters of last year were pursued relentlessly and punished mercilessly for their part in the looting. Cameron called it ‘free shopping’. Imagine then what his response was to news that the very same banks that have brought our country to its knees are revealed to have fixed interest rates so a few of their friends could make a few million profit!

Surely he is apoplectic with rage? Will he make the courts stay open through the night so he can punish his pals, the greedy bankers, like he did with the rioters?

Surprisingly he hasn’t said too much about it. He has however called the bankers actions ‘wholly inappropriate’. It seems a different language is being employed to describe the actions of these multi millionaire wankers bankers. ‘Wholly inappropriate?’. Wholly inappropriate is telling a saucy joke at a funeral. Wholly inappropriate is pissing in the swimming pool. Wholly inappropriate is farting in a lift.

Let’s juxtapose the reaction to last year’s riots to the reaction to the interest rate fixing scandal of this week. After the riots last year Cameron said there should be ‘zero tolerance with zero tolerance’. He said that the rioting was largely about ‘pure criminality’.

He continued ‘I have the very strong sense that the responsible majority of people in this country not only have that determination; they are crying out for their government to act upon it. And I can assure you, I will not be found wanting. In my very first act as leader of this party I signalled my personal priority: to mend our broken society. That passion is stronger today than ever’.

Act he did too. He was proud that his courts ‘sat through the night and dispensed swift, firm justice’. To date, 1300 people have been sent to jail for their involvement in the riots. Including people who posted comments on facebook who got a year in jail and a man who got 6 months for stealing a bottle of water. Fair enough, you might say, they deserved it.

What about the bankers then? What do they deserve? They fixed interest rates at the expense of working people so they could get personally richer, they then celebrated with a bottle of Bollinger.

How many businesses went bankrupt (The irony of this word is not lost on me) and what was the human cost of that? How many homes were repossed? What happened to those families? How many marriages split up because of it? How many people got even deeper into credit card debt and what effect is that having on their lives? How many people committed suicide because of their spiraling debt?

Will these champagne quaffing fuckers be brought to justice? Will there be trials and long prison sentences facing them all? The ‘wholly’ self righteous cock Bob Diamond (Barclay’s CEO) assures us that they will be punished. He and three colleagues have ‘volunteered to forgo any consideration for bonuses in 2012’. That’s it then? They lose a bonus? A rioter gets 6 months for stealing a bottle of water and they can just forgo a bonus and that’s their punishment?

Ok, I understand that Bob is their boss and is playing it down because who knows what information would come out in an open and transparent inquiry? What about Cameron? We know his views on crime, he made that very clear after the riots. The rioters were all about greed and free shopping, will he now call for an inquiry?

No. it comes as no surprise that he has turned down calls for an inquiry saying ‘We know what needs to be done. The most important thing people want to see is a really concrete set of actions that will help change the culture. You don’t change culture by changing laws and changing regulations alone. But if we can do this in a very clear and consistent way we have a chance of getting this right’

You’re wrong Dave, the people want to see them brought to justice in the same way the rioters were. ‘The people’ want to live in an equal society that punishes crime consistently, regardless of rich kids or poor kids.

As we all know all ready, the corpulent corrupt fuckers will get off with it, there was never any doubt. There is one rule for the rich and another for the poor.
If someone goes into a bank with a sawn off and robs them, they get twenty years. If someone at the bank robs the people, they get a knighthood.

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