House the House is launched

That was a ridiculously busy week but as we pause for reflection we are very proud that our ‘House the House’ a cross party initiative run for the House of Commons launched last Tuesday. We launched it at the fabulous Vinyl Factory, Soho, where one of our local DJ’s Haize shared the decks with the legendary Danny Rampling.

Our CIC Bluesky Pie is working with the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation to run this nationwide DJ competition. Our aim is to launch a national DJ competition like no other. This competition is not just about one DJ winning a prize; it is about changing the lives and the communities of everyone involved.

It’s true that the winning DJ will receive a life-changing prize that could see them going on to become a professional DJ, including playing an historic set at House of Commons alongside an A-list DJ (who we can’t name yet, but it’s big!! : )

More than that though, we will be training and mentoring young volunteers to help run each event with promoting, in sound, lighting, stage management, filmmaking, journalism and a host of other activities. The cities we have chosen have some of the most challenging social issues affecting young people. Unemployment is ridiculously high from 16-24 year olds in these cities and for many of our volunteers these new skills learned will be the only positive work experience on their CVs.

Bluesky PIE has many years’ experience promoting young people through music and working in the music industry in areas with serious social issues and we have helped many young people change their lives by now working in or going to university, becoming qualified to work in the music industry or just by having positive experience on their CVs. We are now looking to achieve this same goal nationwide.

If you ever stop to think about this disengaged class of young people, you may experience many emotions (especially if you believe the mainstream press).  Fear, exasperation, frustration and incomprehension. May think that these ‘hoodies’ are violent, alcohol and drug abusers.  They are angry and violent, they have no respect for anything or anybody.  These are the kids that rioted a few months ago, looting and smashing up their own communities.  They have no education and no job prospects.  How can anyone sort help them as the problems are just too big to deal with?

The ethos behind this project comes from our very core belief. That belief is that small positive changes introduced into a young persons life has a ripple effect, which can often completely change them, their families and Communities. It is something we feel very passionately about and something we can prove works and has a profound effect. Please watch the video above for more details.

If it something you can support financially, with your time or connections or you want more details please get in touch.

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