War is peace. Security is control. A lie is the truth.

Is anyone else totally bored with this sea of doublespeak, which has covered the country in a tsunami of bullshit? Is anyone at all taken in by it? I mean when they say that there has been ‘considerable collateral damage’ we all know that really means we have needlessly killed lots of innocent people, including women and children, right?

Or when they say they are ‘servicing the target’ we all know that means bombing the fuck out of someone’s hometown? Or our nations ‘defence budget’ is really an attack budget? Or when they say they are going to ‘liberate a country’ it means they are going to invade, destroy and control it, and then steal all the resources?

One of my personal favourites is ‘Homeland Security’. Homeland conjures up a warm fuzzy picture of our home, our lovely country with rolling green meadows with sheep and cows grazing, and that lovely word ‘security’. The truth is that the organization is black hearted, shady one, which does the unethical bidding of an Imperial state.

Based on the ‘the bigger the lie, the more believable it is’ paradigm, this disingenuous bullshit can be taken to stratospheric heights. How could George W. Bush live with himself after he said ‘I reminded [the soldiers] and their families that the war in Iraq is really about peace.’
(April 2003) I mean, wow! That is as big a lie as you can get. If it were Pinocchio saying that, his nose would have circumnavigated the globe.

I know why politicians do it. Language is the basis of all human communication, which subsequently acts as the catalysis of all human action (like voting for example). Hence if they can sully and control the actual words we use to describe the issues and events, they can control us, our feelings around them and distance us from the truth.

Here’s the clever thing. They know we don’t buy the bullshit but they just keep feeding it and feeding it to us everyday. The sheer volume of the doublespeak makes it almost impossible to fight against, who of us has the time to be picking through government syntax on an hourly basis?

There are serious consequences though. In a poll last month by Trust in Professional annual survey only 13% of the populous trust politicians to tell the truth. That’s a damning amount and probably lower than many of the ‘third world counties’ we are currently ‘liberating.’

Couple that with the fact that in the last election on 61% of the population only voted and only 36% of those had real confidence in the parties they could vote for. Not healthy reading for politicians, who as far as opinions go are clearly on the ropes.

Do they decide to stop lying to us and treat us like adults? Do they decide stop putting spin on every syllable? No, the current government spends more on PR every year than any other company in this country including Saatchi & Saatchi!

Did I ever mention that I have never voted?

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