The red pill or the blue one?

Imagine for a second that you are offered two different pills a red one and a blue one. The red one is just a placebo and your life will continue exactly as it is now. If you swallow the blue one though, the following changes would take place in your life instantly:

You will become much more self confident, you will stop worrying over the small insignificant things in life and have a much more holistic view. You will have a heightened sense of the purpose in your life, know where you are going and what you want to accomplish. You will have boundless energy.

You will see beauty everywhere in the world and you will love yourself much more. You will want to connect more with others and your feelings of altruism will rise greatly.

Your worldview will change permanently for the better, you will have an increased interest in spirituality, a greater appreciation for life, increased interest in the meaning of it and increased empathic understanding.

Which pill would you swallow?

The above are just some of the recognized side effects of people who have experienced a near death experience. For a long time I have been semi obsessed in trying to understand why these effects should follow a NDE?

I really believe that our attitude to death is a huge barrier to making the most of our time on earth and trying to get the most out of it. Pretty much, we ignore the fact that for a certainty we are all going to die, each and every one of us. We pretend that it will not happen to us or we never think about it or dwell on it as it seems negative and depressing. Subsequently we live our lives as if time for us, somehow is never going to end.

This attitude is hugely damaging to us, the single most important thing we all have is time, but if we ‘believe’ we have an infinite amount of it we waste it all the time and look for meaningless ways to occupy it. We don’t stop and look at the beauty in the world, instead we watch endless hours of shite television programmes, read books that say nothing or play video games to relax. We know more about fictitious sit-com characters that we do our next-door neighbor or people in our communities

We need not worry though because time for us is infinite and one day we will get round to doing all the things we want to. Only we don’t, we squander and fritter away all our time until there is none left.

A NDE though makes death a reality, people realize that time is not infinite but rather it is short and it can end at any moment. We all say the clichés that we should ‘life every day like it’s our last’ and ‘life is too short to be unhappy’ but it is just lip service, we still live our lives as if time for us will last forever.

People who suffer NDE’s know and I mean really know that time is short and our lives can be taken for us at any second and that is why the effects change their lives for the better from that second on.

So be happy, you ARE going to die but right now you are alive, make the most of every single second. Look up at the sky, see the beauty in the world, switch off your television set, talk to each other, meet new people, get involved in your community, make a difference in other people’s lives, connect, love and laugh….. life is fucking amazing!

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