Random facts from a fucked up world

Warren Buffet’s wealth equals the combined wealth of the poorest 130 million Americans.

In 2010 Goldman Sachs bankers received $15.3 billion in bonuses alone, enough to feed every hungry person on the planet.

In 3 McDonald’s stores in California, security guards have been installed to stop poor and homeless people from going through the rubbish bins.

There has not been a war on American soil since the Civil War 1861, yet the U.S. spends $1 trillion every year on military expenditures.

Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Western world, killing approximately 22,000 people each year.

Rupert Murdoch owns 322 media outlets, including newspapers, publishing houses, television stations and radio stations.

Even though Obama was hailed for using the expression ‘Fat Bankers’ his biggest campaign donor was the fattest cat of all, Goldman Sachs.

87% of American consumers have stated that they would be happy with any political system so long as they are able to buy what they want.

87% of executive bankers say that the crisis was caused by the poorest 50% of Americans. (The poorest 50% own only 1% of the US’s assets.)

The average billionaire uses more fuel for his yachts and private planes than the combined usage of an entire African village for a year.

Its a mad mad mad mad world……

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