Fundraising gig tonight

We (Bluesky Pie) have a big gig tonight at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone where 100% of the profits raised will be split equally between Oxfam and the Folkestone Winter Shelter. We are very grateful to all the bands who are playing for free, it is an amazing display of community spirit.

The rise of the music scene in Folkestone over the last few years has been amazing to see and with the increased visibility of our live music scene and the increased competition between the bands who are vying for gigs has seen the standard of the bands rising steeply too. This is in evidence tonight with six bands playing and many of them are easily as good of some of the household name bands on the scene at the moment.

If you love live music come along and check it out for your self, it starts at 7:30 tickets £5.00 on the door.

Homelessness is something we feel very strongly about. Some of them have serious issues in their lives and there is a huge variety of reasons why people become homeless. Sometimes as we studiously avoid the eye contact of the big issue sellers we can easily forget that they are human beings like us, they are someone’s sons and daughters and regardless of the issues in their lives they deserve to be helped and be given to opportunity to get back on their feet.

Obviously our government says it has no more money to help the homeless (the current cost of our involvement in Libya is £300 million and Afghanistan many times that) so it seems the only option we have is to eradicate it in our own towns and cities to make sure everyone has a roof over their heads.

Check out this short film I made about our attitudes to the homeless here and if you possibly can….. Get involved.

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