Thoughts on the #occupy movement

On 18 December 2010 in Tunisia, a young man so tired of the unjust treatment he and his family suffered at the hands of the state made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life by an act of self-immolation to make his protest heard. This one act of protest is largely credited as being the birth of the ‘Arab spring’. Get great bonuses on the site with kasyna bez depozytu dla polaków. Limited offer.

The so-called ‘Arab spring’ suited the West’s agenda very nicely at first, on the surface it seemed to imply that the Middle East wanted western style democracy and free market trade. The rhetoric that poured from Obama’s and Clinton’s mouth was both prolific and self satisfying. They didn’t waste a second condemning those Governments that suppressed peaceful protest and demonstrations with violence US and UK international policy positively salivated with at the Machiavellian options opening up to it.

Fast-forward 10 months and the rhetoric of the western leaders has been set to mute. It appears it wasn’t just an ‘Arab spring’ it was in fact a world movement of people sick and tired of being manipulated by the very governments they elected (democratically – and if you believe that, father Christmas will be dropping down your chimney very soon with your Christmas prezzies) seeing corrupt and unjust banking systems being supported by the governments and paid for by the people, a world tired of their civil liberties and dignity being atrophied at every turn under the fabricated guise of anti-terrorism.

Now the propaganda machine of the West is in full flow as our governments and their PR mechanism the press try to ensure that the #occupy and #wearethe99% movements are not linked with the Arab spring, are discredited to the middle classes and the issues they are protesting are mostly ignored. Heaven forbid that what started out so promising for the West should now turn around and bite the hand that feeds them.

So we see the media skillfully avoid the mention of what people are protesting against, instead focusing on the facts that some of the protesters seem to have their own agendas (No! Really?) Some of them smoke marijuana (ahem) some go home to their nice cozy beds at night and don’t actually sleep in their tents at all and the fact some of the female protestors are cute.

The most violent acts perpetrated against the peaceful protestors only make main stream news after they have gone viral on YouTube, public figures who criticize and ridicule the movement get full media coverage (last week the smug bastard Ian Hislop derided the movement to sell his new TV programme and got front page coverage because of it).

So, what can we do to fight back? It is said that blogs are the graffiti walls of the Internet. Have your say, let everyone know what you think, re-post videos and articles and support the movement anyway you can.

I for one will not let the bastards beat us.

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